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Negawatt defined

June 17, 2008

Another perspective on Negawatts from GreenMonk


Ritual Foot Binding? Not painful…

May 13, 2008

…when compared to reducing your carbon footprint. It’s not surprising that a typical American has much much larger carbon footprint than anyone else in the world.

My take on the MIT News Office report compiled by David Chandler may surprise you. I think that our larger foot print will be the secret to US leadership in Clean Tech. While the rest of the world struggles to find new sources of energy, the US consumer already has an untapped power windfall: conservation. Americans could “create” enough power to run most other companies by reducing our energy consumption by 20%.

Do you think that’s not valid math? Get used to it because it’s real. The simplest way for the US to create more energy is to simply use less of what we currently waste on a daily basis. The power industry term for that is “nega-watts” (negative watts) and there is already a market for them.