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Introducing the GI Fill

August 6, 2008

I saw the intriguing movie Kabluey at the Dobie on UT campus last night.  Since campus as breft of students, I was surprised to see the Army recruiting office bristling with soldiers in camouflage.  I’ve heard that volunteers are reluctant to defend our right to Middle East crude and am I suggested a new inventive plan – the “GI Fill.”

Instead of paying to educate returning soldiers under the old-school GI Bill, my GI Fill offers fuel purchasing assistance to veterans and their families.  I believe that they have earned the right to get extra of the substance that they’ve risked their lives to protect.  In addition, it would create Detroit saving demand for SUVs.

Fighting to defend our right to Fill Up

Fighting to defend our right to Fill Up

Now that’s effective recruiting!  If you’re interesting in the pre-photoshop poster.