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Beef high in fat and Oil

July 20, 2008

About 10 years ago I stopped eating beef because it was high in fat and that’s not healthy for me.

Now I have a second reason.  Beef is a huge energy waster.  Here’s the chain:

  • Beef comes from cows.
  • Cows from feed lots are fattened up with corn.
  • Corn takes a lot of oil to produce (plus corn for ethanol competes with oil)

Cows also use lots of energy in transport and processing.

Source Federico Mena Quintero

Source Federico Mena Quintero


Unsustainable breakfast tacos, this has GOT TO STOP

July 19, 2008

Nothing is more ubiquitous in Austin than long chains of 100+ summer days than breakfast tacos.  Typically, these tasty tortilla mastications are simply wrapped in a square of foil.

Unless you happen to buy them at Berry Hill.  There you get the foil surrounded by a foam box included in a plastic bag.  What’s a taco without a bag of chips and cup of salsa.  Don’t forget to throw in the utensils set!

Oh, I wish I’d taken a photo!