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You must read Hot, Flat, & Crowded

October 29, 2008

by Thomas Friedman (Amazon).  It’s an excellent discussion about our current challenges with concrete solutions.  I’ll post more about it, but I recommend just reading the source.

Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Hot, Flat, and Crowded


Kindle, kinda kool and saves paper & shipping

August 9, 2008

My awesome, wonderful, thoughtful, considerate, blog reading mother-in-law bought me a Kindle this summer.  She also bought Laura a Sony eBook Reader so I’ll do a comparison post later.  The short version – I recommend getting a Kindle ($360 from Amazon) if you like to read.

Anyway, I’ve been using the reader and starting to enjoy the benefits and discount the apparent disadvantages.  eBooks are generally 50% less (65% if you factor in shipping) and there is materials or delivery waste.  So theoretically, they should have a smaller environmental impact.  I’m not sure that a electronic gadget with a 3 year life expectancy is really better than a book with a 100 year shelf life.  Especially if it’s hard to loan/borrow your eBooks.  Our home selves are bursting with great (and not-so-great) reads.

Here are some of the features that I really like:

  1. it’s small compared to most books (and even better since it can be multiple books)
  2. it’s online so you can buy new books, browse the Internet, google, etc
  3. it’s very readable (display rocks)
  4. you can get book samples and “browse” books before you buy them.  If you like the sample, just click buy on the last page and keep reading.  It’s that fast.
  5. you can find books on Amazon and 1-click buy/download them to be reading in second (yes, seconds)
  6. Things I should like, but have not tried: it can play music, show photos, plus subscribe to newspapers, magazines, and blogs (this is a pay thing).
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Update 8/13: read the comments to hear about FeedBooks! They rock.