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Mssing Icon? Maybe just another metaphor?

August 4, 2008

This week’s A.Word.A.Day is about metaphores.  Wordsmith Anu Garg said that the metaphor “carbon footprint” immediately displaced “energy hog” when it was coined because it was a better metaphor.  An green icon would be nice, but maybe a handful of better metaphor would work just as well.

Anyone want to help build a green metaphor list?

Carbon Footprint, Greenwashing, …


Negawatt defined

June 17, 2008

Another perspective on Negawatts from GreenMonk


Welcome to a brand new Earth Day

April 25, 2008

The overall media love that has become Earth Day is both overwhelming and comforting. Overwhelming from the blitz of green logos, magazine covers, and animated recycling symbols and comforting because people seem to be sincerely enthusiastic about it. Perhaps Earth Day is speeding towards Hallmark Holiday celebrity. Perhaps we’ve reached a tipping point now that a gallon of gas is more expensive than a Hallmark Earth Day card.

For these reasons and more, I’m choosing Earth Day 2008 to officially launch my TribalGrid blog. My interest in “social energy” and sustainability are stretching the scope of my EV blog and I don’t want pull a Venkman and cross the beams. I’m excited to be starting a new site to talk about something that resonates with my feeling of urgency about the environment. I find the passion that drove me to build the RAVolt has been growing and looking for ways to ignite the conservation spark in others.

Social energy focuses on community awareness of conservation, sustainability, and usage patterns. Hopefully this blog is helping emerge this concept and encouraging others to collaborate and extend it.