Social Scarcity? “City of Ember” book intrigues

August 24, 2008

My son whispered that we had a (paper) copy of J Duprau’s City of Ember when we saw the movie preview last week.  It’s impossible for me to resist a post-apocalyptic novel about people completely dependent on machines they don’t understand.  It’s a youth book, but I was not disappointed – this was a fast read with a decently suspenseful plot.

Normally, that would not be worth a post here; however, I was intrigued by Duprau’s picture of a community coping with limited & diminishing resources.  Her community was simultaneously aware of their impending doom and completely unwilling challenge the status quo.  Throw in a corrupt and self-indulging government and you’ve got a mirror.

In Ember, they adapted remarkably well to ever more limited supplies, but they shut down all innovation.  Their inhabitants were always waiting for someone else to solve the problem for them.

City of Ember by J Duprau

City of Ember by J Duprau


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  1. If you liked Ember you might want to consider reading the sequel, People of the Spark. Not quite as good, but still worth reading, I believe.

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