Go Green Now! I wish I could go!

August 13, 2008

There is a Green Tech Alliance (GRA) Go Green Now! green event today in green Austin.  It looks green great, but I have meetings all day (Agile Scrum Planning) and can’t go.  If you go, please tell me about it!

Go Green Now…

The GTA is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations gain the knowledge to understand the products, tools, methodologies and services to better conserve resources, save on costs, improve efficiencies and ultimately improve the bottom line. Addressing better usage of our available resources can only happen when individuals and individual organizations understand what needs to be done and more importantly how to do what can be done.

Resource scarcity impacts us all.

Individuals and organizations need to conserve resources while improving their bottom line. Learn how to address better usage of your available resources. Green and clean are not separate needs instead they represent the opportunities for companies to purchase, develop, launch and implement more sustainable buying decisions and business processes.

Consequently, the conference will blend both clean and green across two critical areas, current and emerging technologies.


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