Like a headless chicken

July 14, 2008
And, it tastes like chicken!

And, it tastes like chicken!

I’m catching up on posts about BIG ideas, so I thought to offer this small item while those stew as drafts.

Laura and I used to only eat chicken breasts.  We’d buy them in frozen bulk at SAMS in convenient flash frozen boob bags.  I always assumed that the rest of the chicken was shipped to Russia to feed orphans.  I have this Oliver Twist image of our dark meat being served to singing hordes of delighted delinquents.

Not too long ago, Laura realized that the dark meat is both cheaper and had more nutrition that our bleached and water-injected white meat.  Once I got used to the novel idea of eating dark meat, I grew to prefer it.

We’ll have to get used to eating locally as the cost of shipping food increases.  That includes making more efficient use of local supplies.  The idea of only eating 1 part of the chicken is going the way of the dodo.


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