Green Karma w/ Freecycle

June 23, 2008

Laura was busy today getting lots of Green Karma.   She’s reclaiming our house from clutter, or, in Laura speak, improving our ch’i.   We’re also on a deadline because carpet cleaners are arriving soon to complete the removal of the aromatic reminders of the spray stray cat we housed for 2 weeks.

De-cluttering for us involves aggressive freecycling.  Freecycle is this awesome community that we’ve been using for a couple of years.  It’s sort of like Craig’s List, but goods are free.  The concept to recycle your junk to someone who can use it, gratis.  We’ve freecycled lots of things including a busted mosquito breeding hot tub, crawl space shutters, a car eating futon, and (today) lots of out-grown toys.Freecycle in action

I highly recommend Freecycle.  It’s a great way to keep your junk out of the junk yard.  Most of the items Laura posts there are picked up from our house in just hours.


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